Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catching up

A day with only one meeting was the un-looked for bonus of the strike by some council staff. Several meetings were cancelled and so there was a chance to catch up on some phone calls and emails as well as doing a little of the filing and reading which has piled up over recent weeks.
The one meeting which did take place was of a small group of school governors who meet about once a term to discuss innovations in school governance, future training events and to share ideas on how to encourage more people to become governors and to be active and confident in the role. It was interesting to hear the views of some other school governors on the changes taking place in Stockton Council over the next couple of months. After a period of relative stability there is to be a new Chief Executive, a new Corporate Director of Children's services, a new Chief Adviser for schools and several other changes in areas which have an effect on our schools and children's services. Exciting and challenging times ahead as we all strive to ensure that our priorities are put in front of the new management team.

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