Friday, July 04, 2008

Wedding Congratulations

I know that this isn't anything really to do with Eaglescliffe ward, except that it involves two residents of the ward, but it involves one person well known to many in this ward so the story and photos are here for all. Cllr Julia Roberts who represents Elmtree ward and my former Eaglescliffe colleague, now Preston Parish Councillor Mike Cherrett married this afternoon. It was supposed to be a really quiet wedding with only their two sons as witnesses, but their council colleagues and friends were quite sure that Julia would want us to see her in her wedding outfit after the ceremony. Consequently, we pulled up outside the register office after the appointed starting time for the ceremony, ready to congratulate them. But, sitting on the wall outside were the witnesses! Had we missed the wedding? Had they actually gone off and done it somewhere else without even their sons? No - the young men were taking advantage of some fresh air and sunshine while the preliminaries were going on indoors. Much relief all round. Then we were spotted through the window by the Bride-to-be and much to our surprise were invited in to witness the ceremony too.
It was a beautiful, simple ceremony and hardly a dry eye in the house. I hope they enjoy many happy years together.

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