Friday, July 25, 2008

Glasgow East and all that

A week or more ago the Stockton South Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate, Jaquie Bell, said that she thought the SNP were on track to take Glasgow East from Labour. This wasn't a newspaper pundit looking at statistics, but someone who'd just spent several hours walking the streets delivering Liberal Democrat leaflets. In the early hours of this morning she was proved right. A sliver of a majority, but one less Labour MP in Westminster. I don't suppose many Labour supporters this morning are feeling uplifted by the beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows.
Back here in Eaglescliffe the schools have all closed now for the summer break. No doubt we'll see an increase in the number of complaints about ball games, trespassing and so on from some adults. Equally, there'll be complaints from some young people about the way grown ups talk to them and treat them. All I'll say here is: Please remember that we all have to share the streets. Good manners and tolerance on all sides help us to do that more happily.

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