Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catching up

After the wine tasting on Friday of course there's a great deal of tidying up of loose ends, and that became today's job. Accounts to update, spare bottles to put away, empties into the recycling box ready for Tuesday's collection. The collectors are going to think we've had a wonderful party!
I can just about see the dining table now and the floor is almost clear, so the job must be nearly done.
There was also time to send photos of the evening to those who'd asked for them, and to file copies in our records ready for our renewal application.
Now it's time to finalise the listings of suppliers - caterers and retailers - for our nice shiny colour directory to be published next February. So if you know of a supplier in Stockton Borough and you think I might not know them - get in touch quickly. Tomorrow might be too late.

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