Monday, October 13, 2008

Traffic Calming and School Parking

I realise that I've written very little recently, but it's not because nothing's been happening. On the contrary, too much has been happening and not all of it political or council business.
Amongst other things I've been involved in organising the Fairtrade wine tasting event happening on Friday evening this week at St John's Living Well. It promises to be a fun night and there are still a few tickets left for a very light-hearted evening tasting wine and deciding what we like, or not as the case may be. An added bonus is that the Mayor of Stockton is going to be there.
The big issue for residents of parts of the ward at the moment is the proposed traffic calming and parking restrictions. Some months ago Egglescliffe and Eaglescliffe council (formerly known as Egglescliffe Parish Council) raised concerns with Stockton's community engineer about the speed of traffic on some estate roads, especially Butterfield Drive, Seymour Grove , Muirfield Rd and Carnoustie Drive. These were roads which had been the subject of complaints for years. There was a lot of discussion about speed and about the other problem of cars parking near to the primary schools in the area. The engineer went off and came back with suggestions.
Seymour Grove - it's not sensible to do anything at the moment because it's going to need a major resurfacing job and that's the time to put down road markings or speed bumps.
Butterfield Drive - put in speed bumps on Butterfield Drive and on Greenfield Drive from the junction with Butterfield to the junction with Durham Lane.
Carnoustie/Muirfield - put in speed bumps on Muirfield Rd, Sunningdale Drive and Carnoustie Drive.
However, he has also proposed that there should be school start and finish time waiting restrictions near to the Links School and Junction Farm School. These would be in force from 8.30 till 9.30 each school morning and from 2.30 - 4 pm. It's these that are causing some considerable concern from people worried about parking problems just moving further into other roads and from people living on the roads concerned who won't be able to park outside their own homes for a couple of hours each day. For example, how does someone with mobility problems who doesn't qualify for a blue badge park find a parking spot away from their house and then walk back to the house?
Over 1000 letters have gone out to the people living on these two estates and I'd urge anyone with views of any sort, for or against, the suggestions to send back the response sheet. The schemes won't go ahead unles 70% of those who reply are in favour. It's no good discussing it at the pub or the school gate and then not sending back the form. Do put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards. We've already had copies of comments sent by some people, and there have been some very good points made.

Meanwhile if you want tickets or more information about the wine tasting don't forget to get in touch.

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