Friday, October 24, 2008

An MP came to call

So Lembit Opik came, after negotiating awful traffic and weather up the A1. He was held up, so were other people but in the end we managed a bit of campaigning in Yarm and a very pleasant constituency dinner.
We now have lots of signatures on our petition against ID cards - a waste of money on a bit of plastic which won't stop anyone committing a crime though if it survives the terrorist explosion it's supposedly designed to prevent it might tell us who committed the atrocity. Liberal Democrats say we should have better policing - more police out on the streets where they can see what's going on, as well as all the technological back up they need behind the scenes. All the ID cards in the world wouldn't have stopped Jean Charles de Menezes being shot the way he was, because no-one asked him to identify himself. With this government's record so far on data storage and IT systems I don't trust them to keep my biometric data safe.

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