Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An MP comes to call

Tomorrow we have a visit to the area from Lembit Opik MP. Lembit is hoping to become the president of the Liberal Democrats later this year and so he's much in demand as a speaker around the country.
Today was spent in a whirlwind of final arrangements while trying to do all the other things that needed catching up on in the ward. Unfortunately, after a couple of fine days ideal for outdoor campaigning and delivering of Focus, tomorrow is forecast to be wet and windy - waterproofs out I think.
I had a very interesting meeting with some residents tonight who are extremely concerned at what they see as undue pressure being put on members of the planning committee at Stockton to agree with officer recommendations. This perception of the lack of openness and the extra pressure was what prompted a coalition to throw out the recommendations from cabinet. Now it's important that whatever procedure is introduced to try to cut down the number of adverse appeal decisions is transparent. Much more work to be done on that front.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could ask Grope-it Opik to come clean on various issues - like parading a half-dressed trollop and her twin sister around for publicity purposes, like dressing up his publicity stunt "relationship" as a meeting of minds, like why he was so keen to angrily deny for years that Charles Kennedy was an alcoholic ( thereby denying a big fact about his own drinking habits ), like why he insists on appearing on so many infra dig show and when he does makes such a fool of himself, like why he takes up so many meaningless causes to get an instant publicity hit, like why he doesn't have a moral or honest bone in his body. The man is a car-crash and shouldn't be an MP, let alone a president of our party.