Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Children's Future

A day of almost non-stop meetings today with very little chance to eat in between.
The first two were very useful and important - a Parish Council Recreation Committee meeting to discuss how to take forward our bid for funding for our play area improvements and then on to an update on Building Schools for the Future.
The Parish meeting was very encouraging and also daunting - hundreds of children from all our schools had completed questionnaires telling us what they wanted us to provide. Everything from litter bins to skate parks, dozens of different ideas, all sensible, all worth pursuing even if we can't get them all in our Parish area. Lots of work needs to be done now on filling in the forms to make the bid our children deserve.
Building Schools for the Future was also informative but also full of aspirations, dreams and wishes. If we really can achieve the vision it'll be wonderful but underlying everything are real concerns about whether the funding will be enough, whether we should be planning to move children around from one base to another and at what age this is appropriate, whether some of the pieces of land identified for new build really are the best sites for schools. Many questions yet to be answered and a long road to travel.

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