Saturday, February 28, 2009

Arrest, torture, death

That's the fate awaiting many people who are deported from here to some countries of the world when their claim for asylum here is refused. One such country is the Democratic Republic of Congo. For some inexplicable reason the British Government keeps saying that it's safe to return people there. Yet when people are returned they are immediately known as hostile to the DRC government and treated accordingly. Congolese refugees here in Stockton are constantly in fear of being deported. What kind of life is that - to live in constant fear of being returned to a country where you might be arrested, tortured and executed just because you disagree with the government of that land? And that's on top of not knowing what's happening to friends and family left behind when you fled.
There is an Early Day Motion currently in Parliament asking for such deportations to be stopped. Please write to your MP to ask him or her to sign EDM 814. You can contact them through the Write To Them website. You just need to know your post code. It only takes 2 minutes so please do spend that time this weekend.

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