Friday, February 06, 2009

I had a meeting this morning to put in place some plans for our contribution to the International Go Bananas event from noon on March 6th to noon on March 7th. Stockton High Street is the place to be - just before noon on Friday March 6th when we'll have a countdown to the world's biggest ever consumption of Fairtrade Bananas by individuals in one day. Anyone and everyone will be encouraged to bring along or buy on the day a Fairtrade Banana to eat when Stockton will launch the Tees Valley Banana Relay. The Mayor, Cllr John Fletcher, always keen to join in anything to promote Fairtrade in the Borough, will transport the relay baton - a giant inflated banana- to Hartlepool by train for their events later in the day. The serious point behind a fun activitiy is to raise the awareness of and demand for Fairtrade Bananas around the world but especially here. We'd like 500 people to join in - will you be one of them?
The evening was also about eating, but this time it was a very enjoyable meal as part of the Annual Mayor's Fundraising Ball. The Wynyard Rooms do a very good job of transforming a functional meeting area into a banqueting hall for the evening. Lots of people from the council, industry, the university, further education and local organisations enjoyed a meal together. We spent money on tombola and raffle tickets and some even danced when the band played. Young musicians welcomed us with string quartet music and the heating kept the freezing cold weather at bay. A very enjoyable way to make money for the charities supported by the Mayor this year - Justice First and Daisy Chain. And I think that for the first time this year, one or two of the men almost outshone some of the women in the colour and styling of their outfits!

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