Sunday, February 08, 2009

Vandal Drivers!

Another piece of grass is being spoiled by drivers too lazy to go a few yards round the corner to the access road. This time it's at the end of Dalmuir Close where someone has driven over the grass to or from the garages instead of using the correct route. Not only is the grass spoiled but the pavement isn't reinforced for vehicles so the services running underneath can be damaged. Unsuspecting pedestrians are at risk - need I say more. If you know the guilty party please ask him or her to stop!

I heard today that a young woman who's been living happily in the area for the past few years after moving here from South Africa to join her mother and sister is under threat of being sent back because would you believe she was born in the years when apartheid ridden South Africa was not part of the Commonwealth. So though the rest of the family can make their home here, she can't. How crazy is that? She's working, paying taxes, contributing to the community in all sorts of ways and yet the Immigration service go after her. Why don't they concentrate on the people who are causing us problems - the criminals who slip in illegally. But no, a law abiding productive happy member of a community is much easier to find and deport. Her appeal hearing is later this month so I hope that justice is tempered with mercy on this occasion.

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