Monday, April 20, 2009

Efficiency, Improvement & Transformation

I didn't start very efficiently this morning, having put the wrong date in my diary for a meeting. Fortunately I'd also forgotten to put in an important deadline. Why fortunately? Because that necessitated my contacting my colleague, Alan Lewis, who then put me right about the date of the meeting I was about to go to and thus saved me a valuable 2 hours in which to produce the article in time for the deadline and do some clearing out of my inbox in order to have it filled up by other things. Untrammelled joy!!
This afternoon's meeting of the Environment select committee was given over to a briefing session on the Efficiency, improvement and Transformation reviews which are going to be undertaken by scrutiny committees. There was just one problem - the review to be carried out by the Environment committee isn't part of the "EIT" timetable so the briefing wasn't relevant to our topic and because the same briefing was being given to all committees this week people who are on two or more don't have to turn up to this one. As a result we only had 4 members there so couldn't even start the scoping of the review properly. Grr. Whoever thought up the bright idea of repeatign the session 4 or 5 times didn't think it through.
Never mind, we're now free to start looking at the Carbon management strategy for the authority and working out how we can save not just carbon emissions but also money. Answers on a postcard please!

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