Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Liberal Democrats - the Real Opposition!

What a triumph for common sense, led by Nick Clegg! The vote on allowing Gurkhas the right to settle here. Soundbite of the day must be "If someone is prepared to die for the country surely he should have the right to live in the country." Well done to our parliamentarians - leading the opposition to this "government" is something you did well today. In the words of the school report - Keep up the good work.

We needed some good news, having been given the news that Elementis is definitely closing. 100 people out of work, victims of changes in the global economy. It's a tragedy that a company which has been part of Eaglescliffe for over 100 years should be closing just as we need every job we can keep. I know the economic arguments about factories which import all of their raw materials but it doesn't stop me feeling sad, cross and disappointed. I'd like to think that one of the newer process industries would move into the area to take up the skilled workforce but of course the plant isn't useful for anything but Chrome processing and which company will demolish and build new if they can get permission to build on an empty site somewhere else.

This evening I was asked to go and view piles of dog poo! For some reason people seem to think that the footpath between Brae Head and Glenluce Close is a dog toilet. Children use that path to travel safely to and from the primary school. A couple of months ago the same resident complained and the dog wardens did extra patrols, put up large temporary signs and all was well. Now, the signs have gone and the poo is back. What sort of person thinks that a public footpath is the right place for this sort of thing?

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