Friday, April 24, 2009

I started the morning, wearing my school governor hat, by sampling the worst morning traffic I've experienced in Eaglescliffe for a long time. When it takes 6 minutes to travel the length of South View you know the day isn't going to run smoothly. If I hadn't been going straight on to another meeting in a different part of the ward I'd have walked over on such a lovely day. As it was, I managed to reach school only 30 seconds late. This was my first experience of doing the Health, Safety and Maintenance check at school and it was very pleasing to see how the refurbishment of parts of the school building have gone and the difference it's made to the environment for the children. However, I have a question which I'd love to understand the answer to: why does a 9 year old primary school child need to take a bag to school which is almost as big as him/her? And then why do they act surprised when it doesn't hang on the hook designed for a coat? OK so that's two questions, but I'd still like to understand the answers.
A quick change of hat and mindset while driving to the meeting of the Recreation committee of Egglescliffe & Eaglescliffe council. This was the long awaited meeting to discuss the outcome of a bid for Playbuilder funding for our play areas. We knew that there was some funding allocated to St Margaret's but this was to discuss the detail. All the consultation we did with the young people of the parish has paid off. By this time next year they should see the results.
We also had a promise of help to design a scheme for Amberley Way play area and also to apply for other funding to help complete that. So next year we might well have two improved play areas. It's just the sort of cheering news we need after Wednesday's budget and today's economic news from the ONS.
Speaking of the GDP announcement - why didn't someone leak the figures to Alistair Darling before Wednesday lunchtime and stop him looking so clueless? Third impossible question of the day, after which I'll pack up and go to bed.

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