Monday, April 27, 2009

Health and Wellbeing

That seemed to be the theme of today's activities. It was even the title of the partnership meeting I attended at lunch time. Today marks the start of Walk to work week, an initiative aimed at encouraging people to walk more and enjoy it more. Unfortunately my first appointment of the day didn't finish until 1130 so walking from Eaglescliffe to Teesdale for a 1230 meeting seemed to be cutting things a little fine. As it was raining into the bargain walking to work lost its appeal. The highlight of the meeting was seeing the podcasts produced about the Health Trainer programme. The programme provides individual help and support for people who want to improve their health. It's been a real success, providing support to a significant number of people who need it and providing interesting employment to people from a range of backgrounds. It's free to anyone over the age of 18 in the borough, and there aren't many things of which that can be said.
Then it was another drive, this time to see my mother whose health and well being aren't as good as they could be at the moment. Long discussions with health professionals so I missed the update on the Momentum programme. No doubt someone in the Lib Dem group will fill me in later in the week.
Home in the rain, again in the car - well I couldn't leave it parked up there could I? Then decision time - was the rain heavy enough to make me get in the car again or could I at last join in walking to work? My last meeting of the day was not too far away and I usually walk there, so yes, out with the umbrella and raincoat and off I went. I was rewarded because when the meeting was over so was the rain. The air smelt clean and fresh, the colours were all vibrant again with the dust washed off everything and the sun tried to peek through.
So, not as healthy a day as could have been, but not as bad as might have been either. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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