Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We'll find the perfect place

A weekend spent with family - part of it on unexpected visiting at the hospital and part of it at home with an unexpectedly extended visit from our grand-children. I was reminded again of the amazing devotion and dedication of the vast majority of our NHS staff - doctors and nurses and health care assistants and cleaners all working over a bank holiday weekend to make life as good as possible for their patients. Their mix of patience, care and firmness is a true vocation.
At home a 3 year old gave a reminder if I needed one of the joys of books for people of all ages. At the recent Mayoress' coffee morning I took advantage of the book stall to stock up on some new books to keep for when the grand-children visit. Twice through a book and the 3 year-old had it off pat even some new vocabulary. The new words and phrases found their way into her conversation in no time. As I was looking for a suitable place to put something down yesterday she told me "Don't worry Granny. You'll soon find the perfect place".
Believe me, this weekend I did. It wasn't quiet nor peaceful nor restful but it was inspiring - both parts of the weekend.

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