Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fiona Hall Re-elected

Today dawned grey and threatening, matching the mood of Stockton Lib Dems. Stories and rumours from verification sessions around the region sounded gloomy. Waiting for the count to start at 6 some of us were occupied by the Fairtrade stall at The Greener Living Roadshow in Preston Park. Although the rain held off it was quite cold and not as many people came this year. Nevertheless we did have some interesting conversations with people. We vwere also treated to the spectacle of some very interesting veicles, including a bike for 5 - otherwise known as a conference bike.
Tonight was nailbiting but the advantage of being in a small region is that we declare fairly early. The relief when Fiona was re-elected! The champagne came out and we toasted her in style. Tomorrow there's time for all the analysis but tonight it was sufficient to enjoy the moment.
I'm sorry Wales missed out and I'm very disappointed that the BNP gained a seat in our neighbouring region - lots of heart-searching to be done by other parties there I think.
But tonight, in the North East, I'm going to enjoy the rosy glow.

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