Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Inspirational Developments

There were 2 Planning site visits this afternoon and both were described thus. I make no comment here about how they fit with Stockton's planning policies but both were certainly significant applications. First we went to Yarm School to see how they propose to improve their facilities having been refused permission last year for a greenfield site. The present application has a very innovative theatre design, modern play areas, a newly unified early years section and more. It's a very ambitious project for what is undoubtedly a very ambitious school. I was interested to hear that several pupils are already training as part of the British elite squad for rowing in hope of being selected for the Olympics. Whatever the outcome of tomorrow's planning committee such excellence should be celebrated in the Borough.
The second visit was to see a presentation on the North Shore proposals and to view the site from the vantage point of an office over the river in Thornaby. Looking down from a 3rd floor window made it relatively easy to see how the plans would sit on the ground. Again, a lot of variables to be considered and no guarantees that funding will come forward but a lot of aspirations to improve that area of Stockton and make the most of a fantastic riverside site.
Tomorrow's planning committee meeting should prove interesting.

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