Friday, June 12, 2009

I started the day with a trip using 2 buses to get to the Education Centre in Norton (formerly William Newton Girls School). The meeting was about scrutiny of policies and decisions in council and was a regional get together to share ideas on the best way of doing things. It had some interesting parts and was worth attending. I also managed to catch up with the council officer supporting the Carbon Management scrutiny over lunch and talk through some of the issues we need to explore. It's the first time I've been asked for a tour of the building - one member had 3 schools about to close in his area and he wanted to do something imaginative with the one in his ward so wanted to see how this had been utilised. Another member wanted to look at the Energy from Waste plant at Haverton before going home, having heard so much about it. So now we know what Stockton's famous for!
For the first time in 3 weeks the bus which I caught to start the journey home was late. That's not a bad record considering how many buses I've used since breaking my arm. As it was a hot sunny day I used the time as heat therapy for the aching ligaments!
During the afternoon we managed to choose a new garage door and sort out a number of things in and around the garden before repairing to our local restaurant for a weekend treat.

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