Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hands off Preston Park petition

Today we've launched our online petition against the suggestion promoted by Dari Taylor and Ingleby Barwick Independent Society (an unholy alliance) to put Egglescliffe School in Preston Park. No-one wants the children of Ingleby Barwick to be denied accessible school places but it must not be at the expense of the Green Lung of Eaglescliffe, a tourist attraction for the whole region and the centrepiece of the proposed River Tees Heritage Park.
In response to IBIS' claims that there is money in a pot waiting to be spent on a bridge they might like to contemplate the real cost of building a bridge across a river of that width, navigated by sailing craft as well as by motor vessels. Even if all the money from the Sustrans Connect2 project were to be spent on the bridge it would hardly build a wooden pontoon. They really need to take a reality check.
If anyone would like a paper copy of the petition to take to people without ready internet access just let us know.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me the TRUTH and some FACTS about this subject.
Dari Taylor says in her recent (March 2010) circular
to her constituents re possible locations for rebuilding of Egglescliffe school
" of which is the overflow car park at Preston Park (not the Park itself which the Conservative Parliamentary candidate claims)"

So which is it - the Park itself or the "overflow car park". Or is Ms Taylor being disingenuous in hding what the other possible locations are!!!