Monday, January 04, 2010


Over the last few days I've heard that we have lots in common with David Cameron and his Tories and that we share ideals with Gordon Brown and Labour. We must be getting something very wrong!! Or has Westminster become such a smoke and mirrors place that those two can't see through their own spin?
Maybe I should invite them to Stockton to see how they could work together in a joint administration for the good of the country? Then the civil servants could get on with running the country and Gordon and Dave could put out press releases saying how good they are at everything.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, snow and ice continue to cause problems on estate roads and pavements. Last night walking to and from a freind's house was a joy - crisp snow deep enough that the underlying ice wasn't a problem. But that's because I'm reasonably able to walk like that. We're getting a steady stream of complaints now from people who can't get out while the paths are snowbound. It's not easy - SBC doesn't have the number of people who'd be needed to go round and clear and grit the paths, especially as fresh snow keeps falling. People who have cleared in front of their houses have had to do it several times in the last fortnight.
The weather hasn't stopped people signing our petition against building the school in Preston Park - completed sheets keep rolling in and on-line signatures pop up day and night. If you haven't yet signed and you care about Preston Park being kept as a green lung for Teesside and especially Eaglescliffe, you know what to do.

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