Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Serious matters today - a report on Domestic Violence services in Stockton. There was a lot of serious discussion about what we do well and what we do less well in Stockton for people who are victims of violence in the home. Mainly they're women and children though there are some men who suffer too. The main conclusion was in one sense good - we don't want to cut the amount spent on the service but we do want to make that money do as much good as possible. In another sense it was a sad conclusion because it recognised that in the present economic climate there is an increased risk of domestic violence and we will probably need to help more people than at present. If you know of anyone in the borough who needs that help then the details of how to get help are here.
More snow this afternoon meant that the salting resources had to be concentrated on the roads again so no further pavement salting. It also meant that what is usually a pleasant walk over to meet up with John and Alan was definitely a cardio-vascular workout.

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