Friday, January 22, 2010

Miracles and other things.

Finally, at 930 this morning, the council computer decided to work as it should. Mark from IT support sat down in front of it and bingo, before he had chance to lay a finger on it, the screen was showing exactly what it should show, no more and no less. The calendar was no longer muddled with the inbox, the scroll bars were back and the myriad of other problems had disappeared. I must confess that I'm pleased I sent him a picture yesterday of what it looked like or he'd never have believed me.
So then it was down to catching up on the things that hadn't been done or had gone missing during the last few weeks of problems and in between e-mails and phone calls trying to file away the mountain of paper which had accumulated. But to do that meant I had to sort out the papers and files on the shelves that had got into a terrible muddle, and to do that I filled the recycling bag and so had to get out another one and that filled up the floor so actually the room doesn't look any tidier than when I started!
Meantime more phone calls and emails about the Park/school issue and some planning to do for the public meeting we've arranged for Tuesday evening. It's going to be very interesting and possibly very full. I'm pleased we have an independent chairman for the evening and I hope that people will feel that they've been listened to and also been given as much information as there is available at present.

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