Saturday, January 09, 2010

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes

There have been lots of compliments for Stockton's waste and recycling collection teams over the past couple of weeks as they've coped with horrible road conditions as well as icy and snow covered bins, boxes and bags, all without missing a single collection round. They reached the dizzy heights of a mention on a phone in programme on BBC Radio 4 this week! Heroes one and all.
The cold spell has brought out the best in many people - people taking hot fresh meals in for their elderly or sick neighbours; people digging away the snow from other people's paths; children sharing sledges with others so that everyone can enjoy the fun; countless people helping to move stuck cars and so it goes on.
We've had text messages from our house insurance company to remind us not to leave the house to freeze if we're going away, and that started me thinking about old style public service announcements on BBC TV and radio - little reminders about leaving the heating on low if going away for a few days, tips on driving in snow and ice - the kind of thing which years ago would have been commonplace. I'm quite surprised we haven't had any, or perhaps we're so cynical now that if they were produced we'd assume the government had an ulterior motive?

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