Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Labour Ignores the North East

Who says? One of their own MPs, our very own Dari Taylor. She's calling on Gordon Brown to visit the area. Could it be that she sees her seat disappearing from under her? Jacquie Bell, the Lib Dem candidate for Stockton South says "LibDems are taking on the challenge in Labour's traditional North East heartland. Whillst the public and media are aware of Mr Brown's absence on the local campaign trail Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have visited the region several times. The TV debates have given both a floor and people have found that when met face to face they both show an understanding of the region and its issues."
Of course for the rest of us the campaigning isn't about whether we're on TV or whether we have important visitors. It's about getting out on the streets, meeting people and listening to what they are concerned about and being able to give them the facts about our policies so that they can make informed choices on the ballot paper. And that's what we keep on doing, day after day.

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Anonymous said...

Has Jacquie Bell visited Stockton South yet? It is a long way from her homes in Edinburgh and Latvia. and what with high petrol prices....
A look at her CV and statement of interests shows she has no connection or interest in the North East.
Perhaps more people would have voted for a local candidate.
Perhaps local Liberals should have thought of that.