Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last night we went to Ripon to a concert as part of the Ripon International Festival. John Williams and John Etheridge made music on guitars together and individually which held a full house spellbound. There aren't words to describe the music - if you ever get the opportunity go hear them yourself.
The venue was Holy Trinity Church, near the centre of Ripon, which is amazing also. A fairly old church building has been renovated and adapated for modern worship. Now it boasts "The Arches" which might have been called the Crypt in another church, opened up to be fully accessible by very clever and expensive building techniques, and in use almost all day every day if the notice board is to be believed. This seems to be a real community church, whose congregation of 200 is about one third under the age of 18 and is growing. They are obviously committed to their community and the community seems to be committed to them - fundraising must have been a huge challenge!

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