Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Regions, sub regions and more

The not very well informed debate continues on how the North East can have a regional voice and a way of handling things at regional level that really are better done that way. The Tees Valley is developing quite a strong voice now, thanks to the various councils working together to make sure that those things which need to be done at that level are done really well, and to local MPs especially the new ones of different parties making sure that the area is mentioned as often as possible as they try to make their mark at Westminster. The government has asked local areas to set out how they can work together to ensure that businesses and public sector bodies have the best possible chance to attract new investment into their areas. Stockton and the other local councils were already doing a lot together and were quick to make the case for doing more. But we all recognise that some things can't be done on such a small local scale and need to be done across the whole of the North East, so we worked with other councils in the North East to put forward proposals for that too.
Sadly, some regional press and business figures choose to interpret that as the Tees Valley breaking away from the rest - how wrong they are. But, just as you can't make a horse drink the water to which you've led him so you can't make people believe what you tell them. It's very frustrating.

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