Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lots of time on Parish Council meetings and business this week so far, and I hope it's all proving productive.  Work has started on the Memorial Garden at Egglescliffe, though rain delayed progress today.  The forecast for tomorrow isn't much better either.  There should be plenty of time to get it finished before Remembrance Sunday, though, so fingers crossed. 
Designs for Amberley Way play area are taking a bit longer to progress but we hope to have something by early November now. Then it'll be a case of consulting with the neighbours and the school children and choosing the best option.  I'm looking forward to that.
On ward business we've consultations ongoing on putting lighting columns on the Black Path from Lune Rd to Aislaby Rd.  So far we have historic requests for such lighting from people who walk down the path and now several objections to it from people who live nearby and suffer from anti-social behaviour.  We're now looking at other options to improve the path such as surfacing.  The less contentious matter of ordering some new daffodil bulbs for the stretches of Durham lane and Urlay Nook Rd which haven't yet benefitted was completed in next to no time in comparison.  If only everything was as easy as they are!  Dog waste bins are also popular suggestion for the ward community Participation budget.  But for some reason every time lighting a path is suggested someone else has very good reasons why it shouldn't happen.
At least I don't have to worry about Party leadership elections - I hope we won't be having one for some time. I was pleased that Labour's new leader didn't spend his first big speech on rabid attacks on other parties.  I don't suppose some of his own party were too pleased that he seemed to turn his fire on his predecessors, but that's their problem.  His is going to be reconciling the elements of the shadow cabinet when they're elected. 

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