Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't write off the Lib Dems yet

That's not just my view - it's also the view of Sholto Byrnes, writing in The New Statesman. There's a tendency in the British media to act as though only the two "big" parties have the right to share in government so it's good to see an article with a bit of perspective and common sense.
Meanwhile, back in Eaglescliffe, Protect Preston Park is going ahead with its plans for the member evening on Nov 4th.  If you're not already a member and want to get involved in the next exciting phase of work for the Park email the membership secretary
Work is also progressing well at the Memorial Park next to Egglescliffe War Memorial, though some pesky little creature did dig up a whole lot of newly placed plants the other day - both inside and outside the safety fence.  Rabbits are the top suspects but others might know differently.
The detail of how the Comprehensive Spending Review will affect Stockton Council's plans is slowly emerging and it's a bit of a mix - some better than expected and some as bad as we feared.  Councillors and council officers are all determined to do the best we can with whatever we have so watch this space.
Details of how it will affect individuals are harder to come by, as so many things were announced in the budget as well as during the last few weeks.  Some take effect almost immediately, others later this year or next year.  I suppose we'll just have to wait and see how it goes.  One thing's certain, bodies like Citizens' Advice Bureau are gearing up to help as much as possible if people think they're heading for financial difficulty.  It's really important to ask for help before the crisis comes.  We don't want to get to the point of people being homeless or ill because they're not getting all the help to which they're entitled.

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