Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meeting People

Out knocking on doors to talk to residents about local issues yesterday I met a wonderful woman who's bringing up a family alone and far from her extended family who thought that Eaglescliffe is the best place there is to live, that Preston Park is a beautiful asset and that Egglescliffe school is the best school in the area.  She has no complaints, has such a positive outlook on life and what's more supports the Alternative Vote as a fairer option than First Past the Post.  I left feeling quite uplifted.
Tonight I was with other local Lib Dems at one of our members meetings.  A really good discussion ranging across lots of issues (including of course tuition fees) with people who share the same values and want to talk seriously about things.  No-one is happy with the tuition fees situation but no-one is walking away.  We all recognise the difficulty of funding higher education and the problems there are with any method devised.  Better brains than mine are no doubt grappling with how to move forward on it now, and if they're not coming up with a good solution we'll all be bitterly disappointed.

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