Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yarm Fair is over for another year.  Sunday morning is always a minor miracle after the fair - the rides which are so busy at 11pm on Saturday are already partly dismantled by 9a.m. on Sunday.  Horses are tethered on the pavement ready to be hitched to the caravans.  The council refuse vehicle is in the High Street emptying bins and by lunch time all is clear.  This morning the sun was shining and melting the early morning frost as the men were working.  There was still the faint smell of woodsmoke in the air - almost romantic.
Walking home after church gave me the opportunity to have a good look at the work carried out so far on the Memorial Garden.  The foundations of the path are in place and the setting for the first seat is there.  All in all, it's looking good.  I did take some photos but a slight technical hitch means I can't post them on here! 

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