Sunday, October 31, 2010

So, did you remember to put your clocks back last night?  The birds in our garden didn't, so the dawn chorus rang out at 5 this morning.  Thanks birds!
Good to see this morning the progress being made on Memorial Garden.  I look forward to the finished article being ready for Remembrance Sunday.
Next week sees the start of work on moving the wooden equipment in St Margaret's play area, soon to be followed by some tree planting in that bottom corner to reduce the bogginess and to give some greenery and a little bit of sound deadening for the houses backing on to the park.
The road surfacing on Carnoustie Drive has been worth the wait I think.  From a patchwork of potholes and patches we now have a smooth black expanse.  Well done SBC for timing it during school holiday week and getting it finished on time.
We've also had a fair number of fireworks going off in the neighbourhood and I'm sure we're not alone.  I don't want to ban fireworks from home - many people get a lot of pleasure from them, but I do wish that the anti-social people who let them off days before bonfire night would think again and refrain.

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