Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Norman Teasdale RIP

Norman was a teacher in Billingham when I started my teaching career.  He cared about the young people he taught, tried to encourage them in self discipline but wasn't afraid to impose it when needed.  I got the impression that most of the young people respected him and felt he dealt with them fairly.
I came across him again at the count for the the Stockton Council election in (I think) 1999 when we reminisced a little while waiting for boxes of votes to be opened.  4 years later I joined him as a Stockton Councillor, albeit a long way apart on the political spectrum.
We proved to be allies in a scrutiny of the council's facilities for outdoor pursuits for children - experience of going to outdoor pursuits centres when teaching gave us an insight not shared by many of the other committee members. 
We also disagreed profoundly at times but one thing's certain - Norman always spoke his mind!  I don't think he would have enjoyed carrying out the efficiency reviews we're doing at the moment.  Retirement came at the right time for him.
RIP Norman

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