Sunday, August 09, 2009

50 years and going strong

Today my friends and Lib Dem colleagues, Suzanne & John Fletcher, celebrate a total of 50 years of continuous service on Stockton council. That's quite an impressive achievement in itself. Looking back over all the things, small and not so small, which they've changed in that time is even more impressive. Nagging away until recycling is now part of the borough's life style, there's a proper set of criteria for pavement repairs, the public is allowed to speak at planning committee meetings, members of the public can ask question at full council meetings, are just some of the general ones. The problems that have been resolved in their wards would fill more than this blog. And then there's the encouragement (empowerment in today's jargon) of local residents and party members and the lives they both lead in communities outside Stockton Council.
Congratulations and best wishes for the future were shared last night with friends and colleagues at a celebratory party. Well done both!

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