Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tristar Open Day

Fairtrade in the sun today - the Tristar Open Day in Preston Park was blessed with fine weather all day but round noon the sun was extremely hot. We had our stall for the Fairtrade Partnership set up, with samples of chocolate very kindly donated by the Co-op at Roseworth along with a luscious looking chocolate cake as a prize for the winner of our quiz. Stopping the samples melting in the sun was quite a challenge! At one point I wished I had some cornflakes to make chocolate crispy cake! I was surprised by the number of children who preferred to sample the dark chocolate rather than white or milk - we have more sophisticated children than adults when it comes to chocolate if today's sample was anything to go by.
There was quite a lot of interest and a pleasing number of people who recognised it as something associated with their church or school or local co-op. Only one person who spoke to me thought Tesco had started the movement and I soon corrected her!
All in all, it was well worth getting hot and sticky for a few hours. Next year we'll make sure we have even more cool boxes and ice packs and a gazebo for shade. Then it'll probably rain.
It was good to hear that one Norton school is going to do a full term next summer on Fairtrade and related topics. Also good to know that so many of our chldren have at least some idea of the ethics of Fairtrade.
It was also good to see Tristar homes giving so many of their tenants a really good fun day out. Coaches were laid on for those who didn't want to or couldn't drive or catch a bus. There was tea & coffee along with fruit for the children. The climbing wall, bouncy castle, go-karts and so on had a steady stream of people enjoying them and the burger van did a good trade. I also heard a number of people talking of going to visit the museum while they had the chance, so a good day all round. Congratulations to all the Tristar staff who played a part.

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