Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shooting Stars

Last night we went up to the North Yorkshire moors to look at the night sky. Once a year the planet goes through a cloud of dust and bigger debris and some of it turns into "shooting stars". For a more techie explanation see one of the more erudite sites on the subject! Suffice to say that a fair number of people gathered to watch as amazingly bright lights shot across the black night sky. Between these highlights there was plenty of opportunity to see stars which are invisible in the brightly lit streets of Teesside and to watch the moon rising majestically through the wispy cloud.
The sheep looked somewhat non-plussed at these intruders into their late evening rest, and I wondered what the residents of the scattered cottages thought of the number of cars going up what's probably a deserted road at that time on most nights.
I wasn't quick enough with my camera but there's a super photo here

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