Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day Off

The weather forecast wasn't wonderful but the residential home where my mother lives had organised a trip to Whitby so we duly packed up raincoats and set off. How wrong could the forecast be? Beautiful blue sky, little white clouds, hot sunshine. Add that to fish & chips by the sea and it was a tonic for us all, not just the residents. The gulls were disappointed - we ate all our lunch ourselves.
This evening I decided to do a little more on my family history, still intrigued by the great uncle whom none of the family seems to know about. To my surprise I find that he had become a bus driver. So between leaving school and joining the army during World War 1 he had been a tailor then a bus driver then a livery stable proprietor. He became a gunner in the RFA then in the Tank Corps, then came home to his wife after the war. At his death he was a retired coal miner but I wonder if he did any other jobs in between.

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