Saturday, October 17, 2009

Be a Councillor, part 2

The second session of "Be a Councillor" was this morning at the Town Hall. Amazingly, one person had not previously realised that the building is the Town Hall! It's common to have people who've never been inside the building because it never used to be opened to the public except for special occasions. But to meet someone who's lived in the borough for many years and didn't know what the building is - that shows how far we have to go in opening up the council, its buildings and its procedures to the residents of the borough.
Apart from that the morning went much as expected with a handful of people genuinely interested in what was being said, though some admitted they just wanted to know more about the council and how it works but not to be a councillor.
Going in to Stockton on the bus proved to be an unrealised hope. I'd thought that at 9 in the morning Yarm Fair wouldn't have a significant effect but something did. After waiting 15 minutes for a service that runs every 10 minutes I began to think I was going to have to go home and get the car when a neighbour pulled up and offered a lift. So I arrived at the town hall bang on 9.30, carbon footprint strategy intact.
Nice fresh veg bought from the market and home on the bus for lunch.

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