Friday, October 09, 2009

Return to London

A fairly rapid turnround meant that just over 12 hours after arriving home I was on the way again, this time to receive a Fairtrade Award on behalf of Stockton Fairtrade Borough Partnership.
I took advantage of the evening spent in London to go to the theatre. An Inspector Calls is a play which I've long wanted to see so this was an ideal opportunity, especially as I could find a better deal on a decent hotel as part of a theatre break! It was an even better deal than originally expected because the first hotel I had booked had a problem with its computer and double booked the room. I was asked to move to a better quality hotel in the same chain. I agreed so had a deluxe king sized room in a 4 star hotel for the price of a basic single room in a 3 star - not a bad deal.

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