Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grand Central not quite so grand

Sad to say, although it's wonderful that we have a train stopping at Eaglescliffe and going straight to London, it didn't quite live up to its claims on Saturday evening. The seat reservations had been duplicated so many people were in the position of finding that someone else also thought the seat was reserved for them. Fortunately the train wasn't full and so everyone got a seat but it wasn't very pleasant at the start of the journey.
The advertised Free Wifi didn't exist and there was nothing on the train to explain why. Having a lot to catch up on after being in Brussels and then leaving early for London that was a real inconvenience. Also no power point for the laptop despite having that advertised on the website. I was lucky to get a table as not every seat had one, let alone a Board game embedded in the surface. An email of complaint produced an apology and a statement that the Wifi etc should be fitted in a month. All I can say is it's a good job I've got more to do than pursue Trades Descriptions and other such matters.

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