Friday, October 16, 2009

Catching up

Yet again I had cause to be glad to be part of such a supportive group this week. I don't know what the lurgi was that struck me down but spending 2 days in bed while others stepped into the breach at an hour's notice makes me really appreciate the team.
This morning I was fit to go to Newcastle to the regional Fairtrade forum which was inspiring, despite arriving a little late. You'd think I'd remember about temporary traffic lights in my own ward wouldn't you!
Fledgling plans for next Fairtrade Fortnight were soon in place and we all left with a number of ideas to share with our own steering groups and partnerships and discuss further before the next regional forum in November. Well worth the trip to Newcastle, though I confess that I couldn't face the early start needed to do the journey by train.
Sadly, the uplift was punctured slightly by a series of emails about the review of carbon management which I thought was completed. It seems that some people don't like our recommendations and there could be some argument next week.
However, that was countered to some extent by the news that Dave Hodgson was elected mayor of Bedford. What were the Tories doing? Surely they should have won that one?
A meal for hubby's birthday at our favourite restaurant completely restored the good feelings of the morning - and no emissions to get there as we walked.

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