Sunday, October 25, 2009


The clocks went back last night/this morning and the usual bleating is heard from those, usually resident in the south of these isles, who want us to stick with BST all the year round. Why, I ask myself? Why do we have BST at all these days? How many farmers and labourers need that extra hour in the summer evenings to gather in the harvest or get home from work? Here in the North East of England we have few farmers cutting hay by hand or digging up potatoes with spades. Mechanisation is the name of the game. At this time of year, just when the mornings are getting depressingly dark, we have the joy of rising again to bright daylight for a few more weeks. Whoopee I say! Evenings are when it should be dark and we can sit indoors in the warmth and enoy those activities that seem right for winter evenings.
I am old enough to remember the experiment in the 60s with keeping BST all year. Setting off for college in the dark, watching the sunrise glow still in the sky during first lecture of the day, then going home in the dark at the end of the day - no fun at all. It might work further south where the hours of daylight are a little longer, but not here.
Meanwhile, we're still harvesting the last of the tomatoes - I don't know if that's a sign of climate change or not as I didn't make a note of the last harvest in recent years. It just feels later than usual.

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