Thursday, October 08, 2009

Off to Parliament

Not the Westminster one but the European one.
The train journey was uneventful except for the one person who hadn't thought of the need for a passport because we were just travelling within Europe! Miraculously he managed to get a train from Newcastle to Darlington, meet up with someone who'd kindly brought his passport over to Darlington, caught the next train from Darlington to Kings Cross and ran from Kings Cross to St Pancras to get on the Eurostar seconds before the doors closed! The security staff and others at St Pancras were superb, rushing him through just in time.
We arrived in Brussels right on time and walked round to the hotel to check in before walking up towards the centre for something to eat. A restaurant that was previously a cellar was the perfect setting to enjoy a meal and to introduce our friend to the joys of Trappist Beers. An excellent start to the visit.

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