Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

A very thoughtful piece in this morning's Independent by Mary Dejevsky questioned whether we've lost the rhythm of the seasons in this country as a result of becoming such a determinedly secular society. Still in parts of mainland Europe and other countries shops would be closed, church bells would toll at 3pm, there'd be no newspapers - a fairly sombre quiet day, in preparation for the joy of Easter day. Whether Christian or not, surely we all deserve a little quiet time - a rest from the hurly burly and a chance to reflect?
I did spend the day quietly, some of it working on things I enjoy doing and some of it thinking of things that still need doing in our campaign for the election that hasn't yet been called. But I also took the chance to go to church for the service of the Burial of the Body. The solemnity of the psalms, the intoning of the familiar story of Christ's death and the procession to lay the body(figuratively speaking) to rest, placing single blooms around the "tomb" and emerging into the garden where the lightest of rains was just beginning to fall and the fresh smell of damp earth and the sight of the shrubs in bud spoke of fresh hope and new life - all the symbolism of spring and Easter renewal.


thribble said...

Everything closes here. Well, nearly everything - 7/11s and service stations stay open, and some cafes in tourist areas. But shops, shopping centres etc all close, even the big supermarkets (or they did last year, I didn't check this year). There's no AFL, although there was rugby this year for the first time, I think. It's very nice indeed :)

Maelo Manning said...

I went to church too on Good Friday and thought about how people who can't speak for themselves or are regarded as the less fortunate at least have the church to look after them.