Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The morning started with a meeting of Environmental Protection UK Northern branch on which I represent Stockton Borough Council. This meeting was at the Hartlepool Power Station and included a guided tour. Security was impressive, but took up so much time that we didn't see as much of the power station as originally planned. The view from the top outside was beautiful but as no cameras are allowed on the site I can't share it with readers.
I didn't realise till today that there is a dedicated Police force for defending nuclear installations and that they are armed and not under the control of the local police. I can see the logic but it leaves me a little uneasy.
An hour to read some papers ready for a meeting next week before a short meeting about the Western Area partnership board and then a member seminar. Local residents might have seen some of the publicity surrounding a young girl and her mother who were seriously let down by Stockton council and other agencies like police and probation services. This afternoon there was an opportunity for councillors to discuss the issues and ask questions of the Director of Children's Services. Serious, sensible discussion and again a sense that although things had gone seriously wrong in the past lessons have been learned and we can be reasonably hopeful that the same sort of thing won't happen again.

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