Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life in this household has been a bit hectic over the last few days. Suffice to say that yet again I've seen more of the inside of hospitals than I wished to, but things are improving.
Earth Hour is over and I must say I felt a little lonesome, the only house as far as I could see that was in darkness and on my own as it clashed with a concert for hubby. Never mind, the gesture was made. It's just a pity that Stockton Council didn't join in, turning down my suggestion that we should switch off some of our "iconic" lights.
People tell me that our MP, Ms Taylor, is still claiming that the school can be built on the overflow car park in Preston Park, that it's the best site for the children from Ingleby, and now a new one - there's to be a full consultation in the summer and she hopes all will take part. That letter has only gone to people in IB so perhaps it's only there that the consultation will happen.
Meanwhile of course the Tory leadership has indicated that there'll be no guarantee of funding for those schools where "financial closure" hasn't been reached by the election. That means all of Stockton so we could have spent thousands of pounds getting this far, setting up the academy sponsors, upsetting those who love their present school with all its faults, and not have a thing to show for it. Such commitment to education could only come from the Tories.

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