Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Protect Preston Park

It was another busy day today, starting with an assembly on Fairtrade for Egglescliffe CE primary school, followed by Planning committee (which lasted over 3 hours) and then just time to nip home and collect the things I needed for the meeting at All Saints.
About 180 people almost filled All Saints Church to make suggestions on the next moves and to volunteer their services to organise. There were suggestions ranging from cheap and simple placards to carry in the park through to organising Easter Egg hunts and marches. It was heartening to see how many people wanted to include the residents of Ingleby Barwick to show that it isn't an us against them situation. People wanted to be sure that we were trying to find a solution and not just being nimbys and they wanted to know that the school would be happy with the outcome. While we can't guarantee that, we can guarantee that we'll support efforts to find a sensible solution to the problem of having the children concentrated in a different area to the school places.
So, community politics at its best with at least two political parties agreeing on the way forward on the park, whatever else we might disagree on (and there are plenty of those things), and lots of people of different political leanings coming together to fight for what's right.

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