Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some really good sessions over the last few days on campaigning, both Party political and small p political. Fairtrade Fortnight continues apace with the Big Swap campaign going well. Over half a million swaps have been registered so far. If you've swapped to Fairtrade for something this week do go to the site and register it. Let's do our bit to get to the million mark.
Yesterday the campaign to save Preston Park moved to a different level with a meeting of some of the key people involved. That's real community politics - people from varied walks of life sitting round a table and planning how to achieve something that really matters to people. Lots of good ideas not only for the next few weeks but for months and years to come. Who knows, it could also lead to some new councillors in years to come? When people get this fired up anything can happen.
Today's campaign team meeting put some finishing touches to plans for the General Election, whenever Mr Brown decides to call it.
Of course, Stockton doesn't have elections for councillors this year, so work has to go on as usual. Reviews of efficiency in all departments carry on and this morning we had a meeting to agree the next round to be carried out by members. Everything from Tourism to Street furniture are featuring this year. Should be interesting to see how much we can manage to save without cutting important services.

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