Friday, February 26, 2010

Young People and Fairtrade

Today's events were both at primary schools, and both inspiring. It was worth getting moving early even in the rain to get to Teesside High Prep school for their coffee morning and Fairtrade assembly. The Fairtrade committee had organised the assembly and did amazingly well. A talk about how important it is to swap to Fairtrade tea was followed by a video about tea growers in Malawi and the difference the Fairtrade premium made to them. Then two short dances - one from Ireland and one from India reflecting the world wide impact of Fairtrade on both the consumer and the producer and a chance for me to reinforce what the girls had said. It was inspiring to see the commitment from girls of 9, 10 and 11 to something about which they knew very little at this time last year. I have high hopes of seeing that school as a Fairtrade school.

This afternoon was a very different affair - a Fairtrade cafe run in the hall of Egglescliffe CE Primary, known locally as "Butts Lane school". The waiters and waitresses had dressed the part, including long black aprons. The menus were hand produced works of art. The coffee and tea were served beautifully and their manners were impeccable. The choir came and sang for part of the afternoon and coped amazingly well with people talking while they sang. I'm looking forward to going in again soon for an assembly there and to that school starting to embed the concept of Fairtrade into their life.

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