Saturday, February 06, 2010

E-campaigning comes to Stockton

Taking a break from all the jobs that need doing I thought I'd check on Facebook for updates on the Against Egglescliffe School Being relocated to Preston Park group.
It's been a really active group, started by two ex pupils who felt strongly about our petition but wanted to expand it to enable people who weren't going in to local shops etc to be able to join the campaign. Now people are really getting involved in how the council works and makes decisions. One has just suggested that everyone email the cabinet members and tell them what we think of the idea of putting a school in a park. She's kindly provided the link to the cabinet members' email address list. Real democracy!
Because it's got so much local interest the media are now intrigued. We've had more press coverage in the last couple of months than the previous 4 years!

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